Association for Social Economy and Lifelong Learning (A.S.E.L. RO)

about us.

The aim of the Association for Social Economy and Lifelong Learning (A.S.E.L. RO) is to preserve, study and promote the common social interests of its members, in the context of public service.

Our General Goal is to develop Social Economy and implement innovative lifelong learning activities.

More specifically, the specific objectives of the Association for Social Economy and Lifelong Learning are the following:

1. The promotion of innovation,

2. The promotion of education at all levels,

3. The identification and promotion of best practices,

4. The development of research, expertise, and innovation,

5. The representation of its members in all Public and Private Bodies,

6. The implementation of public works,

7. The promotion of actions to support innovation in enterprises for their modernization and development,

8. The expansion of their business networking and knowledge base,

9. The preparation of proposals and management of EU programs, as well as those of Romanian Ministries,

10. To participate in research projects,

11. To update and inform members on developments in National, European and international level,

12. The cooperation and synergies with bodies of social economy for the dissemination of good practices and promotion of joint projects with Municipalities, Public and social bodies with final object to develop the social economy,

13. Planning and implementing community service projects with collaborating bodies and Regional Authorities,

14. The promotion of Social Economy

15. The implementation of environmental protection and environmental awareness actions and information,

16. The implementation of actions for the protection of cultural heritage,

17. The promotion of actions for development of tourism and tourism promotion,

18. The combat against unemployment and social exclusion,

19. The enhancement of the value of environmental protection and renewable energy resources in Romania and Europe,

20. The diffusion of innovation in the European area.

Involved Activities

A.S.E.L. RO has been active in the following activities:
Training trip

Training trip to Budapest, Hungary for the exchange of good practices on intercultural dialogue, October 2019

Training trip

Training trip to Munich, Germany for the exchange of good practices on entrepreneurship, November 2019


Research on topics concern rural youth across Danube Region


OUT with burnOUT!
Burnout is the result of stress that accumulates for a long time, the consequences of which are visible in physiology, emotions, relationships with others, etc. It results in problems with communication with the environment, health problems, the desire to isolate oneself, deterioration in contacts with relatives, lack of interest in old hobbies, problems with coping with emotions, worse efficiency and performance, problems with concentration, memory and creative thinking.
The project “OUT with burnOUT!” Aims to increase knowledge about burnout and its symptoms – how to recognize them, what they are and how to deal with burnout.

Our staff will take part in three international trainings, each of them will have different goals. The knowledge we will acquire will concern the following areas:
• attitude to work, assertiveness,
• the ETS Competency Model, thanks to which we will work on selected competences in order to minimize the risk of social burnout,
• learning new methods to deal with it using yoga, meditation, alternative medicine, but also returning to former harmony in order to provide other activities in the third sector without changing jobs.

Conducting the project will allow us to acquire competences in the field of burnout prevention and equip us with tools to overcome burnout when it appears in the recipients of our activities or partners.

The project will be implemented in cooperation with the international organizations:

Level Up from Poland – Coordinator
Positive Youth from Sweden
MILLENIUM from Moldova

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